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民事诉讼(Civil Litigation)中有很大一部分属于商业诉讼, 解决生意合同纠纷,民事诉讼的案子中大部分客人为公司,但也有个人。涉及的领域包括:


  • Transactions of Business, Shares or Real Estate 生意交易,股权,地产
  • Commercial Disputes              商业纠纷
  • Breach of Contract Claims     合同违约
  • Breakdown of Businesses, Partnership Disputes, Limited Partnerships Disputes, Joint Venture Disputes   公司解体,合伙人纠纷,有限合伙人纠纷,合资企业纠纷
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Disputes            买卖合同纠纷
  • Commercial Lease Disputes    商业租赁纠纷
  • Construction Litigation and Constructions Liens        建筑,施工,施工留置权纠纷
  • Debt Collection           收债
  • Fraudulent and Passing Off Claims, Trademark Applications           诈骗,商标盗用
  • Property Litigation                              地产诉讼
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Disputes 地产和按揭纠纷
  • Recovery of Personal Property           恢复个人财物
  • Shareholder Disputes                          股东纠纷